Top 10 Problems With E-Cigarette’s And How To Fix Them

Use of e-cigarettes is becoming increasingly popular owing to numerous benefits offered by the same. It is in fact a healthier and safer option for those who are used to smoking for years. That is why demand and use of vape coils is increasing at an alarming rate. At the same time, it is also true that users of e-cigarettes face some problems as listed below. We are also giving solutions to fix such issues.

Slow delivery of the nicotine

To sort out this issue, you must prefer switching over to an e-liquid with higher strength. Or there may be a problem with the battery of the e-cigarette. Use a high-powered battery. Also you must use the e-cigarette correctly.

Problems with throat hitting

To get rid of this problem, you must use the right e-liquid with a suitable proportion of the vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. Also check your tank for proper loading.

Problems with vapour production and delivery

Try cleaning your mouth piece as well as airflow holes for any dust, dirt or other elements. In case, you use vape coils UK, you must clean the same as instructed regularly.

Improperly working battery

Make sure that the battery and the tank of the e-cigarette are properly connected. At the same time, turn on the battery by clicking on it as required.

Use of e-cigarettes

Leakage in the tank

If there is constant leakage in the tank, you must remove and fit it again in a proper way. Prefer changing the tank, if the problem continues for a long time.

Feeling of burnt taste

In case you get a burnt taste of the e-liquid, you must first leave the tank for sometime after filling it. Also you must change the coils after regular time intervals depending upon the models you are using to avoid this problem.

Very less or no taste of e-liquid

Those who struggle with the problem of very less taste of the e-liquid must change their coils. Alternatively, changing the e-liquid to some other flavour may also help.

Dry or sore throat while vaping

It is a common problem that can be resolved by drinking some water. It helps in soothing down your throat.

Bubbling noises while using the e-cigarette

Check if the tank is over flooded to prevent this problem. You must fill the tank properly and correctly.

Problem of coughing during vaping

Those who cough while vaping need to pay attention to their vaping style. At the same time, they must choose a suitable e-liquid and the device to have a smoother vaping experience. Make sure you inhale the vapours properly.

This way you may fix the commonly experienced issues with the e-cigarettes effortlessly and have a great vaping experience.