Dental Emergency Case: Chipped, Broken, and Cracked Tooth

Dental injuries are divided into two types, emergency, and non-emergency, based on their severity. In case of emergency cases such as broken or cracked teeth, you should visit the emergency dentist in Toronto immediately as there is a possibility of tooth loss. In non-emergency injuries such as dental fillings, there is no need to immediately visit the Toronto emergency dentist. But you should be careful before treatment and repair so that the severity of the injury does not increase. Click here for more information about dental emergencies and their treatment of the emergency dental clinic in Toronto.

Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth is not a dental emergency, and you do not need to visit the emergency dentist immediately. But you should be careful to chew food carefully before restoring it so that the chipped tooth does not get worse. To treat and repair a chipped tooth, the emergency dentist in Toronto may shave the affected area slightly to smooth around the dentition or fill the area with a composite tooth.

Broken or Cracked Tooth

If the tooth’s damage is more than a minor crack and your tooth is broken, you should visit the Toronto emergency dentist immediately because this problem is a dental emergency. In broken or cracked teeth, there is a possibility of damage to the inside of the tooth. In severe cracks and fractures of the tooth, there is also the possibility of tooth loss. Due to the urgency and emergency of this dental injury, you should do the following:

– Rinse your mouth gently with warm water.

– If the tooth fracture has caused swelling in your face, use an ice pack.

– If you have pain, use painkillers such as acetaminophen.

– Never use topical painkillers for your gums. Because these painkillers burn the gum tissue.

The emergency dentist in Toronto needs an X-ray to check and diagnose the broken tooth. If the tooth nerve (tooth pulp) is damaged, root canal therapy may be needed. If the dental pulp is not damaged and only the tooth’s crown is broken, veneer repair may be used to repair the broken tooth in the emergency dental clinic. If the tooth’s crack is not deep and the nerve is not damaged, the crown of the tooth can be repaired.

Steps of Repairing a Broken Tooth

Some emergency dentists use CAD / CAM technology to repair the broken tooth, and the treatment is completed in the same session. Other emergency dentists use out-of-office labs to make denture restorations. In some cases, the emergency dentist Toronto makes a veneer for the patient to improve the appearance and the function of the tooth.

Replacement Options for Broken Teeth

If a broken tooth cannot be preserved, you can use other options such as implant-based restorations or dental bridges as tooth replacement options. The Toronto emergency dentist may use bonding treatment. In some cases, that the tooth root is damaged, the emergency root canal is required.