Get rid from your stress and depression by using the essential oils

In the present hectic life schedule, people face so many stress which leads to some depressive mental and physical problems. High blood pressure is one of the major problems that attack a lot of people in these days. As soon as the person is diagnosed with this illness should be dealt with quickly, otherwise it can result in stroke or heart attack. Of course, there are so many therapies that are available for treating these high blood pressure problems. In the recent days, most of the physicians have prescribed the aromatherapy to the patients for attaining the fastest relief. In that way, they suggested the essential oils to help with high blood pressure to manage the hypertension.

essential oils to help with high blood pressure

Varieties of essential oils

Now, you can explore the vast range of the essential oils that can give you the right help for treating the high pressure level of your blood. You can find there are so many kinds of the essential oils that are available in the market to treat the blood pressure condition. Let’s see what they are in clear.

  • Bergamot essential oil – This oil is extracted from the peel of bergamot. As it is having the refreshing fragrance, it is highly used in the various kinds of the cosmetics. This oil has the wonderful property of improving your mood and reducing anxiety. So, if you feel so exhausted at some times, it is better to inhale this bergamot oil for 15 to 30 minutes. It gives you the relaxation by stimulating the production of dopamine and serotonin.
  • Clary sage essential oil – The clary sage is effective for decreasing the systolic blood pressure. Moreover, it can also be helpful for lowering the down respiratory rates and decreases the stress and depression. As this oil has the antidepressant properties, it works well for maintaining the right blood pressure level. Inhaling this clary sage oil for 15 minutes can surely give you the best benefits.
  • Rose essential oil – Anti inflammatory property of this rose oil can be useful for enhancing the blood circulation. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for reducing the hypertension. The rose essential oil is also work well along with the sweet almond and apricot oil.
  • Frankincense essential oil – As this kind of the oil has the sweet, warm and balsamic fragrance, it can surely be helpful for stimulating and elevating the mind. It is also useful for improving the spiritual connection, visualization and even for centering.
  • Jasmine essential oil – Jasmine is a wonderful flower that helps to soothe your mind for relaxation. Just in the way, the warm fragrance of this oil can help to maintain your depression level.

Apart from these kinds of the essential oil, there are some other essential oils to help with high blood pressure. So, you can use the best one for your needs.