Dried Magic Mushroom Canada: Online Retailer Review

Psilocybin and psilocin are two examples of the psychoactive substances found in magic mushrooms, a type of fungi. Users of these substances may experience hallucinations and altered perceptions. Numerous people use magic mushrooms for leisure activities, and some also use them for therapeutic reasons. Several online retailers selling DriedMagic Mushrooms have appeared due to Canada’s recent legalization of their use for medicinal purposes.


Customers across Canada can buy magic mushrooms from online retailers. The businesses sell various magical mushroom products, including edibles, microdose capsules, and dried mushrooms. Magic Mushroom Canada’s high-quality, organically grown products are available. The businesses also provide their clients with quick and discrete shipping.

Products Offered by online retailers:

These retailers provide customers with a vast selection of magic mushroom products. Popular goods that the business sells include:

  • Dried Mushrooms: Golden Teacher, Blue Meanie, and Penis Envy are just a few of the dried mushroom strainsthey offer. They assert that all dried mushrooms are of the highest quality and are grown organically in Canada.

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  • Microdose Capsules: The businesses sell psilocybin microdose capsules that are precisely dosed. The pills are made to deliver the medicinal advantages of magic mushrooms without leading to any
  • Gummies, chocolates, and teas are just some edibles they offer. All the edibles have psilocybin in them and are made to be a tasty and practical way to consume magic mushrooms.

Delivery and Shipping:

Magic Mushroom Canada is one of the best retailers in town for findingĀ dried magic mushrooms. It provides quick and discreet shipping to all its clients in Canada. According to the business, all its products are delivered to customers in discrete, unmarked packages to protect their privacy. Additionally, the business provides free shipping on all purchases over $150.

Although they are permitted for therapeutic use in Canada, magic mushrooms are still forbidden for recreational use. It is essential to be aware that consuming magic mushrooms carries potential risks and adverse effects, such as anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations. Before using magic mushrooms for therapeutic purposes, you must speak with a medical professional.


Magic Mushroom Canada is an online merchant that provides customers all over Canada with access to a broad selection of premium magic mushroom products. Dried mushrooms, microdose capsules, and edibles are among the products the business claims to offer, along with discreet and quick shipping. A healthcare provider must be consulted before using magic mushrooms for therapeutic purposes due to the potential risks and side effects associated with their use.