Understanding How to Remove Dark Eye Bags

The human body undergoes many changes that are part of the natural aging process. Dark circles, bags under the eyes, and wrinkles can appear around the eyes. You need to understand a little about the causes of their occurrence. If your mother and father had bags under their eyes, you will, too, because genetics and heredity play a significant role in aging. As the layers of skin around the eyes age, they lose their elasticity and become stretched and thin in texture.

The tissue network that keeps the skin firm can weaken, so the skin becomes less firm.

The body produces less collagen, a protein needed for skin care. Environmental pollutants and personal allergies can cause skin swelling and fluid retention. These factors are out of your control. Several causes cause bags under the eyes that can be controlled, and some easy lifestyle changes are the best solutions to get rid of bags under the eyes. Smoking is the number one cause of skin aging, so do your eyes, skin, and overall health a favor and stop smoking.

Bags under the eyes often occur due to water retention and fat deposits. Eating a healthy and nutritious low sodium diet should help your body get rid of excess fluid. A regular exercise program is also highly recommended to help your body eliminate fluid. People who eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly but still have this problem probably wonder how to get rid of bags under their eyes on their faces. The best way to get rid of eye bags is with Radium Aesthetics, they are located in Singapore.

Adequate restful sleep is necessary for preventing bags under the eyes because emotional stress and lack of sleep are major contributing factors to this problem. Protecting the eye area from skin damage can also be important, so wear safety goggles when you need to be outside. Health supplements containing vitamins and minerals will also help protect the skin.

Hold a cold compress or cold cucumber slices on the eye area to relieve bags under the eyes temporarily. Used for colds, green tea bags are an excellent way to get rid of bags under the eyes as they contain natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. Cosmetic fillers are often used to reduce or eliminate bags under the eyes, and this approach can be effective for a year or more.


The only way to permanently get rid of bags under the eyes is to undergo surgery. Several types of cosmetic surgery are available, but they are all expensive and require careful study.