Factors Pre-Disposing People to Colon Cancer in Singapore

Anybody can end up with colon cancer; you must always bear this in mind. While it is true that it can happen to anybody, you must also know that some factors can predispose some set of people to the health problem more than others. If you are the type living a sedentary lifestyle, you stand a big chance of ending up with colon cancer. You also must populate your diet with vegetables and fruits to help reduce the possibility of having colon cancer. The fruits and vegetables will increase gastric motility, which can help you to pass feces more frequently, thereby preventing the possibility of colon cancer. If you are obese, you should consider shedding some weight to reduce your chance of getting colorectal cancer. gastric pain and color cancer go together and this is due to the slow gastric movement associated with colon cancer.

Aside from the points mentioned above, what other factors can predispose an individual to colon cancer? Continue reading for helpful answers

gastric pain and color cancer

Predisposing factors

Those that use tobacco are at the risk of developing colon cancer.  Note that tobacco use does not only cause colon cancer but can also cause cancer in all parts of the body. You must, therefore, cut sown on tobacco use or eradicate it completely if you are to reduce your chance of getting colon cancer. Another closely-related factor leading to colon cancer is alcohol intake. Things can get pretty bad if you consume alcohol in a large quantity. The excess alcohol consumption can result in gastric pain and colon cancer. Taking excess alcohol prevents hunger, which can reduce abdominal motility, increasing the chance of colon cancer in the individual. Your diet must always be rich in fiber and low in fat if you do not want to suffer colon cancer. Those consuming diets rich in processed meats are also exposing themselves to a high risk of colon cancer.

How age affects colon cancer

The chance of getting colon cancer may not depend on gender, but it depends on age. Colon cancer can happen at any age or stage of life but the chance increases even more as one gets older.  Note that genetics can also be implicated in colon cancer. Individuals from a family where colorectal cancer prevails stand higher risks of also developing it. Nevertheless, never be to distant form your doctors if you do not want to end up with colon cancer or get your life cut short by it. a visit to Curasia will help you to diagnose colon  cancer better.