What is hemp and how does it look

Hemp is a herbaceous plant that is only one year old.  Stems are green, erect.  Has a height of about 1-6 meters, looks succulent when it is a seedling.  And will begin to form wood at about 2-3 weeks of age. The growth of the plant is slow during the first 6 weeks, after which it will increase rapidly.  until having an average height of about 3 meters, with a taproot system and a large number of branching roots. The hemp plant is grown using seeds.  It takes about 8-14 days to germinate and can be harvested at 3-4 months of age.

The delta 8 flower blooms in the axillary and apex of the leaves.  The flowers are small, white.  It is about 2-4 mm in diameter. The flowers are sexist and different from each other. The male inflorescence is a panicle consisting of 5 separate sepals independently.  Yellow-green with 5 stamens with a blooming period of about 2 months, the female flowers are born along the axils and apex.  The inflorescences are packed together.  The inflorescence is spike, consisting of dark green sepals wrapped around the ovary, 2 reddish-brown stigmas. The lifespan of the flowers is relatively short, about 3-4 weeks to completion.

delta 8 flower

Hemp leaves are single leaves.  The appearance of the leaves is palm-shaped.  The older leaves are divided into 7-9 lobes, the arrangement of the leaves is quite far apart.  The edge of the blade is sawtooth and is deeply concave to the base of the leaf.  The end of the leaves is tapered and pointed.  The petioles are about 2-7 cm long. When the flowers are formed, the number of leaf lobes decreases accordingly.

Hemp fruit is a dry gray seed and in oval shape. Its skin is smooth and has brown streaks.  When dry, it will be gray.  The core of the hemp plant has the ability to absorb odors, water or oil well.  Abroad, it is commonly used to produce biomass in various forms such as charcoal, alcohol, ethanol, methanol. In addition, hemp core is also used to produce products for decoration of buildings and furniture.

 The leaves can be used for many purposes.  From food, medicine, cosmetics, including the use of leaves as a health tea, used as a powder mixed with other nutrients to produce food supplements, directly produced as food such as pasta, cookies or bread, used to make beer,  wine, dipping sauce etc and also used by extracting essential oils for use in the cosmetic industry with skin care properties moisturize the sensitive skin.