Questions about Orthodontic Treatment

When you want to remove your dental imperfections, such as messed up teeth, there are some popular and widely-used methods all around the world. The traditional way to bring straight, attractive teeth is called an orthodontic treatment that is still successful. This process can be considered a cosmetic and restorative treatment. Those who are suggested to go under this cosmetic and restorative dental process may have some important questions. In this article, a sophisticated orthodontist in North York is with us to answer some of our questions about this dental method. 

What Is It?

It is a branch of dentistry to diagnose and treat the deformation of teeth and jaws. Usually, children are the patients of this cosmetic dental treatment, but even adults also can receive it and restore their dazzling smiles. Orthodontic treatment for young children treats their jaw form and brings them proper jaw growth. In other words, when you start this dental treatment for your child, you will guarantee the right and suitable growth of their permanent teeth.

The difference Between a Dentist and an Orthodontist

Mainly, improving patients’ oral health and bringing them attractive and healthy teeth and smiles is the priority for both orthodontists and dentists. But they perform this duty in different ways. A dentist is a person who assesses your dental issues and treats them as much as possible. However, an orthodontist is the one who focuses on your tooth form and removes the dental defects. As a result, we can claim that a dentist works in the restorative branch while an orthodontist works in the cosmetic branch. Although, it should be mentioned that this cosmetic dental method can fill cavities and remove some other dental issues. 

Are Orthodontic Treatments a Kind of Oral Surgery?

No. this cosmetic dental treatment is not surgery. But, some patients may need tooth extractions. This is the most common type of surgery performed before this cosmetic dental treatment begins.

Can Anyone Have This Cosmetic Dental Process?

When you go for this dental treatment, your gum should be able to tolerate a lot of force so that braces can move your teeth. If you have healthy teeth, you can easily withstand this pressure. However, if you have not had good oral health and healthy teeth in the past, your teeth may be vulnerable due to cavities, cracks, chips, fillings, and so on.

What Is a Suitable Age to Have Orthodontics?

The good news is that there is no age limit for using this cosmetic dental method. According to statistics published by the most famous dental clinic worldwide, although children often go through this dental treatment, a large number of patients who receive this dental treatment every day are over the age of 18. Normally, the only important point to have a successful orthodontic treatment is having a healthy jawbone and permanent teeth. You may even do not believe it, but adults who are 50 years old and even older ones can benefit from this treatment.