Hair care

Improving Hair Growth Rate After Hair Transplant

When a hair transplantation surgeon has performed a thorough and delicate procedure, it is your responsibility to properly care for the operated area and the transplanted hair to ensure optimal results. Transplantation is undoubtedly a fairly effective hair re-growth procedure, but it does not provide immediate results and is difficult during the recovery phase.

Your scalp will get worse before you start noticing the results you want.

Hair transplant has become a priority solution to get rid of hair loss because of its natural results for life. Medicine has introduced various methods that allow surgeons to perform operations without pain, stitches, and scars. Thanks to the latest technology providing non-invasive treatment, patients can return to their usual routine after 24 hours in a magnificent FUE hair transplant.

These transplanted hair follicles fall out in the first month, but after 2-3 months, they begin to grow with a natural rhythm and appearance, and the patient can see full hair growth after 7-8 months. Hair growth is a natural process after transplantation, but more things can speed up hair growth.


Proper postoperative care can prolong hair life and even stimulate hair growth. It is important to follow the surgeon’s hair care instructions to protect the transplanted grafts from damage. Concentrated cells are injected into the scalp in a conventional transplant, accelerating the healing process and increasing the transplanted hair’s texture.

It is essential to follow a balanced and nutritious diet to speed up the healing process, and even the follicles get the proper nutrition they need for proper hair growth. Taking a lot of water is required to flush out toxins from the body, so it will benefit your health and even your hair. Even water can improve blood circulation throughout the body and even the scalp, speeding up hair growth.

Ensure you take good care of the scalp after the operation. Apply any medication as directed by your surgeon with gentle pressure to avoid damaging the transplanted hair. Do not use shampoo until your doctor tells you to do the same after your doctor’s permission. You can use a mild shampoo to cleanse hair follicles with a light touch.

It is normal for the patient to feel mild itching and crust around the grafts during the first days, but scratching the crust should be avoided, and the scalp should not be allowed to heal as this can stop or disrupt hair growth. Exercise is essential, like jogging and playing sports for at least 10 days, as these days are necessary for transplants.

Following the green light from your surgeon, a scalp massage can be an excellent way to speed up hair growth as it will provide blood flow to the scalp and stimulate hair growth. Even oil massage can nourish hair follicles and increase the growth rate after surgery, but it must be done with the surgeon’s permission and as recommended by the Skyclinic doctor.


A transplant can also help your grafts grow faster as this drug is used to control hair loss and promote hair growth, as hair growth can be stimulated when this solution is applied to a dry scalp as directed by a doctor.