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Food that must be eaten for spinal health

One must make it a point that they get up and walk after every hour. The spine is meant, for moving not for staying in the same position. You are doing a sitting job and, it is tough to get up so frequently. In such cases, you can do these tricks like, if you are, talking to your peer, in that case, get up and walk towards him\her instead of sitting in the chair itself. You can also walk while taking on the phone, which will give some fuel to your spine and keep it healthy for a longer period. But unfortunately, some are already suffering from disc protrusion Singapore they have to follow some medication. But did you know that food also plays a vital role in maintaining spine health? Yes, let us see some of those food items which are healthier for your back.

  • Plant-based proteins: Plant-based proteins are very, essential for good back health. The proteins which are found, in plants are different than the proteins found in meat. It is better that you have only plant-based protein as animal-based protein can increase inflammation. The plant-based protein items are chia seeds, beans, and lentils. These foods are not only packed with proteins but have many vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. If you are a meat lover, you can include some animal protein in your diet. Choose fish or chicken but do not go for meat.

  • Vegetables: Vegetables are commonly very healthy food for everyone as they have so many nutrients in them and can improve your overall health. But some specific veggies can be useful for, the spine like broccoli, spinach, and kali. They help to reduce the inflammation caused in the back. These vegetables also have many nutrients which will help to strengthen the spine. The veggies which have strong natural colors are the best.
  • Salmon: Other than the people, who are asked not to eat seafood, can include salmon in their daily diet. Like vegetables, salmon also reduces inflammation and is the best source of lean protein. The salmon has omega-3 fatty acid, which is very useful in strengthening the tissues and bones. There is no need to worry about eating the same food every day as you can prepare many varieties of dishes with salmon and they are tasty too.
  • Dairy products: The most essential, thing for bones is calcium, and you get the calcium in a maximum amount from the dairy product. The best dairy product for calcium is yogurt, milk, and cheese. But beware of what you’re eating if you are eating more cheese, then you are adding more fat to your diet. This might not be good for your health. Always choose dairy products that are high in calcium levels. 


Sustaining spine health is very important. So while packing food, make sure you add the above-mentioned items.