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Fertility Screening in Singapore: The due Process

If you plan to extend family, then a fertility test is the due process for better and healthy planning. It is admirable to plan everything with due caution and in family planning, getting a fertility screening done is one such step. This is just a misconception that fertility screening is only for those who can’t conceive a baby independently. Many families choose to have a fertility test done before planning anything further, and yes, it is legitimate to know the condition, chances, precaution, or treatment for good planning to kick start a family.

Fertility screening at Glance

A fertility screening or fertility test is a medical and physical evaluation of the couple planning to conceive a baby. The sexual capabilities of both parents are being analyzed and examined for better fertility.

  • Hormone screening – the doctor, recommends hormone screening after a physical assessment to know the level of fertility-rated hormones in both parents.
  • Pelvic Ultrasound – parents are recommended to undergo a pelvic ultrasound test. For males, it is to examine the status of the prostate gland and seminal vesicle, while for females, this test may examine the pelvic inflammatory disease.

Specific tests for women

A woman is a bearer, so she needs to be sure about her physical and medical condition to conceive a baby. There are some gynaecological tests for a woman through which she should undergo to determine her capabilities of ovary (egg release), fallopian tube (fertilization), and uterus (holding up the fetus).

Importantly there are two tests for the women

  1. Tests for Egg reserves – Antral Follicle Counts and Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Level are the two. These tests help in getting an idea about the egg reserves.
  2. Ovulation test – Transvaginal Ultrasound Scan, Progesterone Test, and Luteinizing Hormone Test are specified in getting information about a proper menstrual cycle and egg quality.

Test to examine male fertility

The father is required to have healthy testicles which can produce good sperm in an ample amount to travel through the vagina and fertilize the egg.The tests may include semen tests and testicular biopsy.

Ending Note

Family planning is a good idea, but getting your fertility screening singapore done before moving future is the best idea. A pre-planning and better assistance can lead you to a better future. A Failed attempt at fertility can ruin up to a whole year and even snitch your hopes forever. Conclusion: there are solutions to infertility, so consulting a gynaecologist is better than leaving hope on god. Getting your fertility screening done and consultation with a gynaecologist can even solve the problem of infertility and uneven miscarriage.