Benefits of MIC and B12 injections in combination

MIC meant for Methionine, Inositol, and Choline along with these other nutrients are also present. These all together helps in improving the liver process, it also boosts fuel in the body, does the detoxifying process and even elimination of fat.

The b12 shots san antonio offers many advantages, MIC composition is itself a group of amino acids and these amino acids regulate and control different systems of the body without causing harm. Their major work is the prevention of fat deposition in the body and organs like the liver. It even assists various systems like the cardiovascular system and endocrine system too.

Generally, these MIC b12 shots are administered on the arm and for few people, it is given weekly twice and for a few weeks once for a few. The effect of the injection lasts for a maximum of one month and for some less than that.

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Vitamin B12

  • Vitamin B12 vitamin which is water-soluble. This vitamin b12 helps in the natural functioning of the body and this injection even has an impact on the overall health of the body.
  • Vitamin b12 is not only available in supplements but also present in foods that we take daily. Most commonly it is present in seafood like in fishes, milk products and meat and few green leafy vegetables and many more. But for few people even if they people consume all these they don’t have enzymes within the body and digestion issues and they cannot absorb nutrients from those foods and end up having fewer vitamin b12 in their body.
  • Vitamin b12 is the vitamin which helps in producing red blood cells and many other. Vitamin b12 deficiency can be self-diagnosed by most of the individuals by looking at them in the mirror: they face look pale and hey get easily tired and feel so weak, they will have no energy to work properly, and breathing difficulty and mood swings, tingling sensation in the hands and legs, anaemic signs, the tongue is our and enlarged and remember issues and many more.


The vitamins enter the body through food which we take but they are not enough and they don’t act directly and even in the form of supplements they can be given to the individual but it doesn’t enter the bloodstream. The supplements which people take enters the digestive system and the feta break down and only some portion of it is directly absorbed by the body and rest is eliminated through urine.

But whereas injections when taken they directly enter the stream when given intramuscularly and comparatively better absorption than the orally administered drugs.

Lipotropic injections when taken along with vitamin b12 it gives energy to the body and increases metabolism, and eventually leads to a loss in weight and will help in decreasing cholesterol levels which leads to a weight loss of the individual.