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Avoid The Painful Ankle And Foot With Foot And Ankle Specialist Singapore

Foot And Ankle Specialist Singapore- The Perfect Fit For Your Feet

We have always heard people say to keep your head up and stand tall, keep your feet strong and stand tall. Your feet take all the body weight and still manage to let you walk, run, dance, and whatnot. The skin of our feet is made in such a way that it can take a lot of pressure. The tissues in between the bones are designed in a way, which makes it possible. While our feet were made to ensure we remain tall and standing, we fail to take proper care of our feet. Unlike other body parts, be it a sprain or a fracture, the feet have to tolerate the pressure as well as our body weight. The foot and ankle specialist singapore help us take proper care of our feet.

Types Of Feet And Ankle Injuries And Their Causes

Common foot injuries are Achilles tendinitis, Neuroma, stress fractures, impact fractures, sprain, heel spur, etc. ankles commonly have injuries like fractures and sprains. While the types of injuries are few, their impact can be very severe.

  • Sprains: A sudden jerk or twisting the foot or ankle can cause minor as well as major. An ankle sprains when it’s moved out of its original position due to impact or movement. In case the sprain is minor, it can be treated with the RICE- Rest, Ice, Compress, and elevation. However, if the sprain is causing excessive discomfort, it is best to see a doctor. Major sprains can take 3-4 months to heal.
  • Fractures: The most common foot fractures are metatarsal and sesamoid fractures. They are caused by repeated force or over-exertion. These stress fractures are common in the foot since they hold the weight of the body. Stress fractures can be identified by minor tenderness at the beginning, which aggravates with time. Ankle fractures are not as common as foot fractures but can be caused by a strong and sudden blow or impact.
  • Neuroma: Very tight shoes or high heels cause it. While fashion is important, it is necessary to choose shoes that are comfortable and suitable for your feet.

Ways To Prevent Such Injuries

Things one must ensure to avoid such injuries are; warm compress your feet and ankles before any rigorous exercise, wearing comfortable and fit shoes, not running or playing on uneven surfaces, and never going all-in in a game on the first day. You must make sure to prepare your muscles for the sport.

Your feet may be at the bottom of your body, but they should not be neglected. They possess the power to steal your ability to walk. With proper care, ideal techniques, and foot and ankle specialist singapore, you too can become the perfect athlete.