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What is sleep apnae disease? Tell about its symptoms

This disease is related to the breathing disorder in which breath sudden stops and start during sleep. In sleep apnae disease a patient feels sleepy during the daytime, snore loudly and having restive sleep. Many treatment centres for this disease are opened all around the world. The best centre for those patients, named with sleep apnea hong kong provides the best facilities to their clients. Spontaneous breaks in breathing may arise from that airway which is blocked or also having any problem to get signals from the brain. A patient stops breathing unknowingly again and again during his sleep. With the opening of airways or getting signals from the brain, the patient can be awakened due to a deep breath, panting, suffocation or knee sensation. If this disease is not treated at the right time it may results in some serious disease like heart disease and depression. It can cause a patient to feel wet so that while driving or working the accident risk increases for that person. This disease is of different types:

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  1. Obstructive sleep apnae: This disease is generated due to the relaxation of throat muscles. This is the most common type of sleep apnae disease.
  2. Central sleep apnae: In this kind of sleep apnae disease the brain does not provide regular signals to those muscles that control the breath in your body.
  3. Complex sleep apnae: This disease is also known by the tern treatment-emergent central sleep apnae. This kind of sleep apnae occurs to those people who are suffering from both obstructive and central sleep apnae.

Symptoms: There are so many symptoms so that one can know that he/she may be suffering from this disease. The most common symptom for this disease is snoring. But this is necessary that one who is snoring must be suffering from this disease. The pause in-breath or grasping sound along with snoring may be the sign of this disease. Some other symptoms of this disease are Fatigue feeling, restless sleep, headache, loss in memory etc.

Risk factors: Due to this disease a patient must have some risks in their body. One of the big risks is a sudden increase in weight in the human body. The neck size of the patient also increases due to chock in airways during sleep. This type of disease is most common in men in comparison to women. The up and downs in blood pressure are also very common in this disease.

Treatment: You can avoid or cure of this disease by doing some of the essential things. Doctors suggested stopping taking alcohol, smoking and try to lose the weight of your body. Surgery is also an option you can know about this by going to many centres like sleep apnea surgery Hong Kong.