Tips To Choose the Right Physiotherapist for You

Similar to other health profession, physiotherapy Perth has various areas of expertise. They are governed by standard services. Physiotherapist can help you relieve your pain and provide your better health. While choosing a Physiotherapist for your need, you need to consider various factors to choose the right one. Here we have mentioned a few tips to choose the right Physio in Perth for you.


While searching for a Physiotherapist, you need to consider their location. You may feel it like a minor issue, but when you are suffering from severe injury, driving long distance is not advisable. So choosing a Physiotherapist near your location will be a wise decision.

Check for Availability

Small facilities can provide excellent care but larger hospitals can address the problem of availability better. This can be necessary if you are having a relapse and need emergency treatment. It is necessary to get care as soon as possible, so ask about the load of work. When you are in agony, the last thing that you need to go on is a waiting list. So make sure whether the Physiotherapist Perth is available when you actually need them for your treatment.


Qualification is another factor to consider while choosing the physio for you. So when you are looking for a physio make sure he is well qualified and fully accredited. Check whether the physio has completed a degree from an approved educational institution. They should be registered with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia (PBA). The Physiotherapy Board of Australia is responsible for keeping out the ‘cowboys’, keeping professional standards high, ensuring the Code of Practice is adhered to, etc.

Physiotherapist Perth

Area of Expertise

Since physiotherapy Perth covers a wide area, you need to check the expertise of the physio before you choose one for you. You need to choose the one who has relevant qualification for your problem. So, while you are recovering from heart bypass surgery, you need to consult a cardiovascular physiotherapy specialist or if you have a painful back, consult someone specialized in musculoskeletal disorders.

Treatment Methods

In addition to qualification and expertise, you need to check the treatment method preferred by the physio. In olden days, physiotherapists use techniques like movement and massage. But, nowadays, there is a wider array used to provide the best treatment. These include reflexology, acupuncture, hydrotherapy and shiatsu. In recent years, many clinics that offer Physiotherapy provide alternative treatment options. So ask the physio whether a preferred alternative treatment is available in their clinic.

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