Skin care

Tanning peptide will help you to stimulate the amount of melanotan in your body.

The full-body tan can be observed if your body is exposed to the UV rays for a certain period of time. The UV rays are considered to be very bad for both your health and skin. All the tanning problems can be solved with the help of the products available on our Lovemelanotan website. The production of melanotan in your body can be stimulated with the help of the tanning peptide. The natural response of your body to UV damage is called as the Melanotan production. You can protect your skin from being damaged as your skin can be darkened due to the UV damage. The Melanotan production can be supercharged based on the response of your body to the UV ray exposure. If your body has the minimum exposure to the sun then your body can gain the maximum tanning effect.

Little exposure to UV rays:

You can experience the burn and heal process when you spend some weeks in the sun and then follow the ideal solutions for the fair skin. The faster healing of the sun-damaged skin cells will help you to get quicker training based on the user Lovemelanotan experience.


MelanotanYou can ensure to protect your skin from the UV ray damage by using the tan designed in nature. You may require little exposure to the UV rays as the sunless tanner is not a complete solution in order to build the tan. The proper maintenance is required so the individuals must ensure to follow the tanning session once in a week. The users will be able to find the perfect dose on their own by taking the dosing frequency into consideration.

Regulating the speed of the skin:

The maintenance dose will vary on the preferred tan level so it is not possible to give the correct advice. The metabolism and skin type of the individual will always vary based on the regulating speed of the fading skin. You just ensure to follow the exact pigmentation as there are too many variables available. It is important to take the maintenance doses once if you have reached the desired pigmentation. The skin type may vary from person to person based on the loading dose. The typical loading is very much useful as it is possible to achieve your desired skin tone once in a day. You can maintain the tan if you are able to take the doses more frequently in order to build the initial tan.