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Some exercises to get rid of tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is also known as Lateral Epicondylitis and is nothing but weakening of the tendons which are joining the muscles of your forearm along with your bones. You will suffer from this kind of condition when you do the same work on your elbow for many times. So, we can say that it is a condition that happens when you do the repetitive movement. Though it is a mild injury and needs minor treatment, it will take some time to heal.

When you are suffering from this case, you will have some pain on the outside of your arm, at the place where your forearm meets your elbow. Doing the same action repeatedly, it will cause swelling of the tendons and some slight tears and thus it will create some stress on your arms. So that, you are feeling some pain whenever you lift or grip things and the pain will last longer until you provide a good treatment.

There are some symptoms of tennis elbow with which you can conclude whether you are suffering from this condition or not. If you are feeling some pain in your elbow whenever you are lifting something, gripping an object like ball, shaking your hands and raising your hands or straightening your wrist, then you have to treat this condition. It can be treated with some self-care including taking some rest, using ice packs, and by also taking some medications.

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There is still another option and is nothing but physiotherapy and since it can help you to improve the blood flow to your tendons, it can relieve some pain. There are so many treatments that you can find on the internet that will work well on you. Some of the best treatments to get rid of tennis elbow pain are listed below:

  • Giving some ice massage, stimulating your muscles, using tapes, straps or braces for support and ultrasound can help you to ease your pain.
  • Doing exercises everyday can assist you in reducing the pain that you are dealing with in your elbows. Some of the exercise include: finger stretch, ball squeeze, wrist flexor stretch, wrist extensor stretch, and wrist turn, forearm strengthening, eccentric and concentric exercises. Though it will take some days, you will see the best result at the end.

When none of these work out well, there is no other option left other than visiting a physician. You can find so many doctors who are treating this kind of condition. But it is recommended for you to make use of tennis elbow specialist singapore, who has good experience and great knowledge in this field. Thus, you can get rid of the severe pain in your tendons and elbow and will be able to lead a normal life.