Everything about wisdom tooth surgery

 Wisdom tooth surgery is among the most useful treatments in dentistry. All dentists usually try to avoid tooth extraction or surgery and perform an alternative treatment instead, but sometimes, there is no way exceptfor extraction. Sometimes wisdom teeth are not extracted easily and require a surgical procedure. Wisdom tooth extraction may have various reasons that we will talk about it. Visit Toronto wisdom tooth extraction services web page to get more useful information about wisdom tooth removal.

 Wisdom teeth are the last set among the permanent teeth. Sometimes wisdom teeth do not grow entirely, and some parts of them remain hidden. In these cases, the only way is wisdom tooth surgery. These issues mostly occur due to the lack of space for the tooth eruption.

 Importance and necessity of wisdom tooth surgery

 Wisdom teeth may either grow incompletely or remain hidden under the gums due to a lack of space. If you need wisdom tooth surgery, you will not feel any pain during the surgery process since the surgeon uses local anesthesia. Besides, the surgeon’s high expertise and experience are essential for a flawless surgery. The patient may feel pain and discomfort after the surgery that can be controlled with prescribed medications.

Wisdom tooth surgery procedures

 If the wisdom tooth problem is not complicated, it can be extracted in the usual way. But in the case of an impacted wisdom tooth, surgery is needed for a tooth extraction. Wisdom tooth surgery can be performed under local anesthesia or complete anesthesia. Absorbable sutures are used at the surgical site when the impacted wisdom tooth is successfully extracted.

 In many cases, the patient does not have to undergo routine surgery. There are some new methods for wisdom tooth extraction. As an instance, laser wisdom tooth surgery has a shorter recovery period and less bleeding. However, it will cost more.

 How wisdom teeth grow

 Wisdom teeth can grow from the age of 16 to 32. Wisdom tooth eruption is associated with pain and puts excessive pressure on the jaw. Besides, you may experience headaches and dizziness during wisdom tooth eruption. Sometimes, a person feels pain and discomfort in his gum, but the wisdom teeth remain in a latent state, in which it harms other teeth and causes further problems. In this case, the dentist has to perform wisdom tooth surgery.

The right time for wisdom tooth surgery

 When the wisdom teeth do not grow properly and cause problems, it will be a good time for surgery and tooth extraction. If you feel excessive pain in your gums, it is better to make an appointment with your dentist before your impacted wisdom teeth harm the tissue around them. Sometimes, some problems may not be accompanied by pain, but the person still needs a wisdom tooth surgery.

 The wisdom teeth are located at the end of the upper and lower jaw, making it difficult to brush or floss them. In case they don’t grow entirely, food and bacteria may accumulate under the gum edge and around the wisdom teeth. But, wisdom tooth surgery can prevent the following problems:

 _Wisdom tooth decay

 _Gingivitis (gum disease)


 _Tissue infection (cellulite)


 _Wisdom tooth abscess