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Know the cause and get the cure

Several people suffer from a disease called asthma where they will fell difficulty in breathing. This usually happens when the airways of the person is narrow and also becomes swell. This generally produces some extra mucus which will prevent the air from flowing. The main issue here is that due to this problem, the person will experience difficulty in breathing and might also exhibit some other symptoms. In some cases the person might also reach a point where the asthma attack can turn fatal. In certain cases there will be wheezing also which will then lead to the shortness of breath.

Prevent the condition

In some people the condition might be a little minor and hence it can be manageable. But in several others the situation might be terrible and the person might even have some complications which can turn fatal whenever an asthma attack occurs. While the condition cannot be entirely or permanently cured, it can however be controlled. The symptoms of asthma can be noted down and can be controlled for asthma prevention. This can be done with the help of treatment or it can be done with just the simple alteration of the asthma causing conditions and stimulus. The best way is to sit with the doctor and talk about the condition. This will first start with an action plan which might include medications that can prevent an asthma attack. By regularly monitoring the condition one can prevent an attack at any point in time. By doing this the person can control their condition and have a balanced life.

symptom of asthma

Other supportive factors

Apart from the said method, a person can also take help of the vaccinations for the diseases like pneumonia and influenza. This is because these diseases might increase the chances of an asthma attack turning it fatal. The individual who is suffering from asthma can take a note of the triggers for an asthma attack. There are chances where the condition increases during an external stimulus like allergens. For many people pollen and mold seem to the allergen causing factor for an asthma attack. By knowing this and staying away from such stimuli will help in preventing asthma. Apart from this the individual can also continuously monitor their breathing pattern and immediately seek help when they notice any kind of irregularities in their breathing. In any case the person has wheezing or experiences shortness of breath or even coughing then it should be noted down. This will help in identifying the cause for such attacks. By understanding the functioning of the lungs, the person can easily avoid an asthma attack. In any case if the person feels that asthma attack is about to happen then they should seek help.