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Who must take diet pills that work?

Obese and overweight people need to take help from diet pills and supplements in order to lose their weight. Many a times even over weight and obese people do not take help from these pills unless they get some health issue that forces them to lose their weight. In that case they would need instant and fast weight loss help. Dietary changes and workouts can help you get fit and reduce weight. But that it’s slow process and May take years. Also the food craving is not suppressed by dietary changes and so it is very difficult to lose weight just by following a proper diet plan.

It is very much crucial to take advice from your doctor or dietician before you start any supplements or medications for weight loss. Before prescribing any sort of medication your doctor will consider following things —

  • The possible benefits that the supplements will have on you and suggest diet pills that work.
  • Possible side effects of the pills and whether your medical condition can bear those side effects or not.
  • Current health issues that you are facing and medications that you are taking for its treatment.
  • Your family’s genetic and medical history related to obesity and overweight.

What is the diet plan and fitness exercise regime that you are following?

Based on these observations, a dietician will suggest proper medications for weight loss and dieting to you. He will also consider your BMI index to judge whether you are obese or over weight. If you are having BMI index of 30 or more then you are obese. If it is in the range of 25-30 then you are overweight. In both the cases it is necessary to look out for diet pills that work in order to reduce the chances of medical conditions such as heart stroke, heart attack and blockage, blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, depression etc.

It is not completely necessary that if you are overweight then you should take medications for weight loss. Many obese people can also benefit from simple lifestyle and diet changes too. These lifestyle changes are focused at improving their physical activity and eating habits. It can also involve treatment of sleep disorders and working on the triggers that cause craving for eating. So make sure to consult your physician in order to know the best weight reduction plan for you with minimal side effects.