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What is zinc and its importance for health?

Zinc is a trace element required by the body to maintain and perform important functions of each day. Zinc plays an important role in functioning of enzymes and critical biological processes. It keeps our immune system healthy and responsible for creating new cells that aids in wound healing, regulating metabolic activity of carbohydrates and proteins, reproductive systems, collagen production and aids in many other aspects for the smooth functioning of the entire body. Zinc is also found to help cognitive functions, skin disorders, and alopecia and promotes healthy nails and hair. The cynk suplement is widely recommended for people lacking in zinc. Zinc deficiency affects the ability of immune cells and its function, poor gut health, respiratory problems, loss of hair, loss of appetite, excessive sweat and odour, depression, anxiety, weakened nerves system and constant stress and fatigue. The cynk supplement intake can be increased by consuming protein rich diet such as animal meats, dairy, grains and pumpkin seeds, which are excellent natural source of zinc. However, there are many dietary supplement companies from top-line brands manufacturing cynk suplement, which is available widely over the counter in grocery stores and leading retail outlets. You do not need a prescription to buy cynk suplement. Researchers have found that many people are zinc deficient due to the rise of unhealthy lifestyle and too much consumption of carbohydrates. High carb diet depletes the body from getting enough minerals that result in impaired health and increases risk of zinc deficiency. Copper and zinc have fine balance mechanism, cynk suplement should contain copper to mitigate the imbalance, furthermore a high dose of calcium will limit zinc absorption or certain medications and antibiotics can limit zinc absorption.

When you should take zinc supplement?

You should consult your doctor or nutritionists before taking any supplements. However, when you take the recommended daily dosage of zinc supplement you must consider

  • Not to take in empty stomach
  • Zinc can interfere with alcohol, caffeine, calcium supplement and dairy products
  • When cynk suplement is taken for long term, it will cause copper depletion.

As said before, Zinc supplement or cynk suplement should be taken when under medical supervision; you should first consult with your medical practitioner for an opinion. However the vital signs of zinc deficiency is reflected in general weakness, fatigue, morning sickness, skin disorder such as excessive acne, digestive issues such as IBS or leaky gut syndrome, nail brittleness, hair loss, premature aging, sexual problems in men. Zinc is more important for men than women. The foods, which are best source of zinc, are beef, eggs, oysters, legumes, nuts, whole grains. Cynk suplement of 15 mg is recommended dosage for men, women, and upper limit of 40-50 mg daily for men who are excessively zinc deficient.