Upper Body Dynamic Stretches

Before some weight training or a gym work-out session, or even when you work in your garden, a fit and healthy body will always contribute towards success in life. Every work you take up will suffer if your body does not perform well. Warm-up sessions with stretching exercises on a daily basis will help your body by giving it strength and vigour. A few benefits from dynamic stretching include: reduction in muscle stiffness, improvement in blood circulation and a reduction in chances of injury.

While performing stretches, keep the following in mind: start slow and then gradually increase the speed and range of motion. This helps in warming up the muscle tissues and protects them from wear and tear.

Given below are some of the upper body dynamic stretching techniques.

Arm Swings: This stretching exercise helps in stretching the shoulder joints and arms. To perform this stretch, first stand on your feet with a separation between them equal to the length of the shoulder, back straight and knees slightly bent. Then, start rotating both arms; first bringing them overhead and then lowering them. One full rotation is completed when both arms end behind after rotating forward. Repeat this swing for about ten times and then rotate both hands sideways in such a way that they cross your chest. Repeat the same for about ten times.

dynamic stretching

Shoulder Circles: This exercise can be done either in a sitting or standing position. To do this stretch, bring your left shoulder up to your left ear and rotate it backwards. Complete the full rotation cycle by then bringing it back towards your ear. Continue the stretch for about ten times then repeat the stretch with the right shoulder.

Side Bends: To perform this type of stretching, stand with your feet apart; this time, a little wider than the shoulder length. Place a broomstick or something similar on your shoulder and keeping your torso straight, lean towards one side then to the other while making sure that your back does not bend. Repeat the same for about ten times for each side.

Neck Flexion: This exercise consists of several stretches. Firstly, place your chin on your chest and then lift your chin upwards by stretching it as far as you can. The second stretch: lower your left ear towards your left shoulder and then repeat the same with your right ear and shoulder. In the third and the last stretch, by keeping your head straight, rotate your chin to the right first and then to the left. These three stretches should be done for about six to ten times.

Work out with all these stretches, enhance the strength and flexibility of your upper body. Your body will reward you with a long, healthy life.