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Things to Remember When Planning A Skin Care Routine Schedule

If the winter’s cold and dry winds are approaching, it is the best time that you assess your skin care routine schedule. You have to be serious about this because the skin is the largest organ in the body. Its primary function is to protect the tissues within. It is also crucial in facilitating the regulation of body temperature. You must know that the skin is in a constant state of growth – the old cells are vanishing replaced by new cells.

Keep in mind that a healthy skin is better at fighting signs of aging and it promotes faster healing. A healthy and glowing skin is also vital if you are concerned about your physical appearance. Many people know the importance of healthy skin yet they ignore good skin care habits because of their circumstance.

For instance, parents have many things to do every day and the usual case is that they do not have enough time to do it all. This is the reason why a skin care routine schedule is not on their list. It is time that you give your skin importance. Here’s how to plan for a skin care routine schedule:

Twice daily skin care routine
For mainstays like cleanser, toner, and moisturiser, it is crucial that you apply it twice daily – preferably in the morning and before sleep. You start with cleaner as it can get rid of excess dirt or oil that has built up on the surface of your skin. Toner will further cleanse your skin removing lingering impurities after cleansing it.

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Finally, moisturiser is important even if you have oily skin. It works by locking in water moisture. You can choose to apply advanced skin are protection like a serum. Serums are highly potent that target specific skin issues. If you consider this, make sure to apply it after toner.

Once daily skin care routine
Apart from the mainstays and serum, you should consider applying sunscreen in the morning and night cream before sleeping. The sunscreen is a must when you want skin protection. Choose a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher after the moisturiser. The night cream will reduce the dark circles and puffiness of the eyes.

Weekly skin care routine
You should schedule at least once a week exfoliation. This is to get rid of dead skin cell buildup revealing a youthful and glowing skin. You can enjoy the moment by using a facemask.

Aside from planning a skin care routine schedule with the help of B22 Skincare, you should also watch your lifestyle. Start by eating the right kind of food. You have to know that moisturiser only goes skin deep. If you want to tackle aging, which is on a cellular level, you should start nourishing the body with the right kind of food. Eat skin-healthy foods like mangoes, tomatoes, green tea, olive oil, cocoa flavanols, kale, oily fish and soy.

Always get your beauty sleep because it will banish dark circles around the eyes and it can improve your skin tone. Avoid drinking and quit smoking. Do not forget to keep moisture in the skin. More importantly, keep stress in check. Stress can have a toll on your overall health.