The Remarkable Truth About CBD Oil

In the past, the word Cannabis elicits negative emotion from the general population. For those wondering, Cannabis comes from a plant that is produced in numerous tropical and arid regions of the world.

Components of Cannabis

Though it still carries its negative reputation, studies believe that it can be used for medicinal purposes.  Based on research, there are two substances found in Cannabis. The two substances are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While it is known that THC carries pain easing characteristics that brings out a drug-induced high, meanwhile CBD is said to be safe to use and has several benefits.


While Cannabis can be used in several forms, this article will focus on CBD oil. With a number of US States legalizing medical marijuana, continuous studies are being conducted on this unorthodox drug. Research suggests that it may improve the effects of a medicine. There are others who even foresee it as a wholly substitute for pharmaceuticals.

At any rate, these are all pre-clinical research thus; it still needs more in-depth study. Nonetheless, this will be great news to those presently using CBD since it would mean they could lower the dosage of their medications. Studies also suggest that the drug may be able to boost blood concentrations of a few particular medicines.

The Remarkable Truth About CBD Oil

The same research states that with the right dosage, CBD may block Cytochrome P450 or CYPS, which are enzyme proteins that break down substances. As a result, CBD strengthens the impact of your medication. Furthermore, unlike THC, CBD aims to soothe anxiety and brightens up an individual’s mood.  It is also known to enhance sleeping routine.

Things to Remember

With different dosage you can take, your body may take some time to remove and metabolize certain pharmaceutical products. If uncertain, it is highly recommended to speak with your medical professional. As there may be cases of toxicity due to dangerous levels of medicine build up in the blood or cases wherein the dose of medicine needed to be lowered, it is best to consult these matters with a professional.

Moreover, keep in mind, for those taking CBD in high doses; routinely check your blood levels if you are also taking other medicines at the same time. While consulting a professional, clarify the safest dose for your medication and verify the probable risks of CBD with your medicines.

For those still with reservations with CBD oil, you will be surprised to know there are other edible products that may be well suited for you. These are items that carry some form of THC, CBD, or both substances. Such products are in the form of gummies or topical pain creams that come in various dosages that you can choose from.