Skin care

Take Care Of Your Skin

Always try to cleanse your skin early in the morning and also in the evening to keep all the skin pores clear and this will make your face look fresh. But the cleanser that you choose has to be compatible with your skin type. One should make sure that they need to clean their hands before applying cleansers with those hands on their face. If you have a very sensitive skin then using water can also help.

There are natural organic face cleansers for dry skins available which one can use but one should not use bar soaps as they can eventually dry out the skin by hampering the natural oil production.

In order to take proper skin care, the first thing that one needs to rely on us a proper water therapy. There is absolutely nothing that can work better than water. It not only quenches thirst but also can flush out the toxins and wastes that get accumulated in the body. Apart from plain water, one can also drink a lot of fresh fruit juices, buttermilk and coconut water so that they can keep the heat level in the body low and the body also remains hydrated. One can also drink green teas as it is very high in anti oxidants and it helps to eliminate the dead skin cells.

One also needs to eat healthy to keep their skin healthy. This is the main thing that one has to keep in mind. Diet always shows in the skin. Have fresh and seasonal fruits everyday and try to eat a lot of fresh vegetables. Avoid oily and road side food the most as they are not good for your stomach. If you do not have a clear digestion process, it will show on your skin.

After the regular cleaning process, one should also use a toner. It is a very important part of daily skin care routine. When the skin is properly cleansed from all the impurities, the toner helps in removing all the residues left behind by the cleanser. This is a kind of added cleansing which helps the skin to get prepared to absorb moisture and minimise the appearance of pores. Once the skin is cleansed, one should apply the toner right away.  The best way to apply it is by using a cotton pad and then wiping it upwards.

Try to scrub your face and body once in a week. You can make homemade scrubs by using sugar and lemon juice (you can also add some milk and honey if your skin type is too dry) and apply them on your body and face. Scrubbing can help your skin exfoliate and also remove the dead skin cells from your body.

Then the final stage is about proper moisturisation of the skin. One should use a proper face gel or a proper face moisturiser on a regular basis to keep the skin soft and supple.

If you are allergic to chemicals, then go for organic foaming facial cleanser for dry skin types.