Neurosurgery: the toughest job for a doctor

The brain

Brain is one of the most complex organ that is present in the human body system. The brain acts as the main coordinative system that the body has and the work that is done by the brain is immense. It is present at the uppermost half of the human body that is the head region. It is covered by the bony skull which acts as the protective covering for the brain for any kind of shock and as well as injury. This covering is very much required because of the presence of this covering the brain is very much safe as if injury happens in the brain the most common effect that will happen with the brain is the brain hemorrhage. And brain hemorrhage can take the life out of the human body. Along with that brain all the sensory activities of the human body. The brain is thus called as the master sensory organ in the human body. it is also the part of the coordinative system in the human body along with the hormonal system. The brain coordinates each and every function either sensory or motor function of the human body. This organ is so much active that even after the death of the human body that is the death of the heart the brain remains active for about 3 hours, and it has been seen that during this period when the heart stops beating if the brain can be made very much active, life is instilled in the body.

The neurons

The structural as well as the functional unit of the human body brain is the neurons. The main function of the neurons are to transmit the impulse for the top to the bottom. The neurons are of two types that is the sensory as well as the motor neurons. The sensory neurons works on behalf of all the senses of the human body and the motor neuron works on behalf of all the dynamic activities of the human body, thus it is very much important to keep the nervous system safe as well as unhinged. Neurons are the main raw material with which the nerve fiber has been made. The nerve fiber are composed of thousands of neurons aligned or rather arranged in a chain line manner that helps transmitting the impulse. Thus according to the classification of the neurons the nerves are also classified as the sensory as well as the motor nerves.

The problem to cure

However we should keep one thing in our mind that the neurons are not synthesized through the lifetime in a body like other cell. They are synthesized up to a certain time and after being the adults the neuron synthesis stops. This causes the main problem in the treatment and the cure of the neurological problems as good medicines can’t also cure the problem.

The surgery

Neurosurgery is done in very few heath condition and it is regarded as the toughest surgery as a simple mistake can cause a series of misalignment in the body and resulting in to malfunction.


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