Learn About Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil has been used for thousands of years in China and India. The oil has been used as an aphrodisiac as well as for rituals. Today, there are many more benefits to jasmine oil. Its health benefits cannot be underestimated, and can both sooth as well as heal at the same time. The sweet smell of jasmine oil adds to this soothing effect.

The jasmine flower from which the oil comes from has a strong but sweet smell. Its fragrance can be described as romantic and pleasing. That is why the jasmine flower has been associated with romance and love in movies. Beyond that though, the jasmine flower has more to it, and that is through the use of its oil.

jasmine essential oil

Jasmine oil benefits

We now go into the very heart of what jasmine oil is, and that it has health and healing benefits. Its benefits are quite many, and as well they are quite useful also. For starters, jasmine oil has been used to relieve depression and anxiety. This is not surprising, as jasmine oil is known for its soothing scent. It is only natural then that this is used to ease depression and anxiety.

Jasmine oil is also used to treat infections. Jasmine oil then can be said to be part of herbal medicine, since it has this quality of not only soothing but even healing. It can also prevent infections since it has its quality as an antiseptic.

Jasmine oil has been used as well for skin care. Due to its healing properties, jasmine oil can be used for skin care as well as hide scar marks. Jasmine oil can even reduce cough since it has expectorant properties also.

With the many benefits of jasmine essential oil then, it is not a surprise that it has remained popular over the years. Today, there are many jasmine oil extracts out in the market that are available for use.

How to use jasmine oil

Jasmine oil can be used in a number of ways. Some use it on their body, as a cream or a topical cover. Others inhale it, basking on its sweet and relaxing smell. Still others might use it internally. While jasmine oil can be used for skin care, it is still advised that those who might have sensitive skin to first test and see if there wouldn’t be any allergic reaction to it.