Indian pharmacy index or ancient script

Most people who are familiar with database work knows how painful it is to make the list of index. Index making is one of the most boring and time-consuming work regardless of what field it is. Such index will be much more a headache when you have to make them for a Pharmacy, so think about it when you have to make it for an online pharmacy which has all those capsules and tablets in tons and tons of amount. Indian pharma index, an online pharmacy Mall have all those indexes for both tablets as well as capsules.

Tablets and capsules:-

There have been a lot of confusion among the public about the tablet and capsules. Some say that tablet itself is a capsule while some will not agree with it. Well, to be frank, the latter one is the correct one. The tablet and capsules are just a type of the medicines.


Tablets are a form of medicine which is made by compression and rebound techniques. They have a better shelf life than a capsule. They are more powerful than a capsule and much more effective. They come in all the shapes and are less expensive when compared to the capsule. But the only disadvantage will be it is hard to swallow and digest.


Capsules are more like the child of the tablet. They are soft and contains gel or powered medicine. They cannot be cut if they are big but they are easily dissolvable. They have a low shelf lifespan than the tablet. They are expensive.

Gels and ointments:-

Just like that tablet and capsule controversy gels and ointments have the same fate. There are often confused with one another. Though both types are prescribed for the patients they have totally different qualities. They show a huge difference in,

  • Absorbing capacity.
  • Area of usage.

Most of the ointments which are used in the skin problems have creamy or Semi solid texture, whereas gels are like liquid and will be solidified on contact with the skin. Gels have a lot more absorbing capacity than that of the ointments which makes them preferable for cosmetics and hair products. The ointments, when applied on a skin, will form a protective barrier above the skin from the infection and other pollution problem. So, based on these qualities gels have become my great friend to the cosmetic Industries while ointments have great support from the pharmaceutical industry. When going through an Indian pharma index you can now select which one will suit you.