Guide to Preparing for Your Plastic Surgery Appointment

Once you have made the decision and the appointment, it is important that you know the steps involved in the process. This will help you be ready and confident when it is time for your surgery. Do not worry because you can count on Dr Zacharia from Sydney to keep you informed and comfortable every step of the way.

Here’s a guide to preparing for your plastic surgery – whatever it may be:

Four weeks prior to your surgery appointment

The surgeon will require that you undergo a physical examination. Your own physician can do this. Physical examination is crucial as it can give the surgeon an idea of your general health.

Three weeks prior to your surgery appointment

It is time to start preparing for your surgery appointment. You have to stop smoking and drinking. There are foods that you need to avoid especially those containing salicylate.

Salicylate is a chemical that can be found in many foods as well as in aspirin. Aspirin is a blood thinner, which should not be taken before and after the surgery. With this, you need to identify foods to avoid and foods that are okay to consume.

Two weeks prior to your surgery appointment

This time, you have to start taking daily multi-vitamins and specific vitamins recommended by the surgeon to boost your immunity. Surgeons usually recommend Vitamin A, C, and Bromelain twice a day. If you have arthritis, check with the doctor if you can stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

One week prior to your surgery appointment

One week before your surgery, you should reduce your sodium intake to 1,200-1,500 mg daily. Do not forget to eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts and meals with high protein. You should take your multi-vitamins without fail. More importantly, get lots of rest.

Day prior to your surgery appointment

The day before your appointment, make sure to get a good night’s sleep. Do not eat or drink something after midnight. Check the arrangements you made like who will drive you home and who will stay with you for 24 hours.

Day of the surgery appointment

On the day of the surgery, you should arrive early. You should expect to change into a hospital gown. It is recommended to remove any piercings or jewelry, contact lenses or glasses, dentures and many more.

As you prepare for your surgery, the surgeon will visit you. The surgeon will discuss the surgery while the anesthesia team will talk about the plan for your anesthesia then start an intravenous line. Once preparations are complete, you will then be escorted to the operating room.

After surgery

After the surgery, your main goal is to recover. Expect to spend a short time in post-anesthesia area. In the recovery room, you will be given specific instructions before you leave the hospital. When it is about to leave, you should not drive or operate any equipment.

Keep in mind that it is not unusual to feel slightly dizzy or sleepy. Getting lots of rest and eating the right foods can help hasten your recovery. If ever you feel any difficulty, it is important that you do not hesitate to let your surgeon know.