Effects of high blood pressure

One out of four people is getting some kinds of health issues either in large scale or in small scale. Large-scale in the sense which is tough to cure whereas small scale in the sense which is easy to cure through continuous medication or taking up a regular practice. Blood pressure sounds not much harm to many people which can be easily cured but regular and continuous efforts are needed on a large extent. The reason why we get blood pressure is due to day-to-day stress we face, we get fluctuations in the heartbeat, systolic and diastolic heartbeat.

Doctor measuring blood pressure – studio shot on white background

Upcoming problems of high blood pressure are many especially in the heart because heart pumps the blood. Artery walls get damage while carrying blood, initially it might be like a small tear then it begins to explode due to cholesterol. It is best to take solutions in the very initial stage rather than making the condition worse. Another problem in treating this is the cost we are supposed to spend on the treatment, if we are searching for the solutions in the wrong place then it is obvious we have to spend more money on this. Blood pressure can be treated by using oils please go through the below contents for more information about this topic.

  • Bergamot Essential oil – Usage of this oil helps in the production of serotonin and dopamine which helps in reducing the pressure and helps in improvising the mindset. This oil is prepared from the peel of the fruit which gives a good aroma. All we have to do is just inhale the oil for the time period specified.
  • Clary Sage Essential oil – This oil can be used to lower the respiratory rate and acts against depression. Just inhaling it for 15 minutes can do miracles in reducing the stress level is what mentioned as a review of the oil.
  • Rose Essential oil – Extracted from the essence of Rose which gives good smell comparatively. This oil is not used for inhaling instead massaging bits of help in reduction of hypertension by its effect of cooling.
  • Sweet marjoram Essential oil – Usage of Sweet marjoram is not only to reduce the high blood pressure but also it helps in overcoming the problems in menstrual problems for women and also overcoming constipation. Even during pregnancy, this oil helps so it is considered to have many diseases curing for women over men.
  • Jasmin Essential oil – From the name itself it is known that it is made from jasmine and comparatively it is the bit costly than other oils mentioned. It helps in increasing the self-confidence by reducing the stress level also helps in fighting against the anxiety and helps in stabilizing the blood pressure.