Brain and the Nervous system

The Neurons

Neurons are the structural as well as the functional unit of the human nervous system. The nervous system is one of the most important organellar system that is present in the human body. They control each and every activity for a human body and the head of this system is the brain the master coordination organs which controls each and every part of the human body. Neurons when remain in a collective form, forms the nerve fiber. Therefore each of the nerve fiber are composed of a number of neurons that remains in the human body in a tuft like manner to make a complete nerve fiber, functional as well that helps in the transmission of the nervous impulse from the brain to the desired region of the body against some of the external stimuli. Thus the impulse travels through the nerve fibers to reach the effect region. Another important point about the neurons are that the neurons does not develop throughout the lifetime and these develop up to a certain age period after which they remain as it is. Although they grow in size but generally not in the numerical aspect. So the number of neurons in a particular human being is constant and they are not at all increased. So problem in the nervous system will be very costly as it can have the possibility of damaging the neurons as well.

The problems associated with it

The brain being the master coordinating organ and the neuron being the soldier of the brain, constitute one of the most complex as well as difficult to understand system in the body. The brain is very difficult to assess and till now most of the part of the brain ids very much left undiscovered. For these reason that is because of its complexity and its undiscovered status any problem associated with the brain or the nervous system becomes very much dangerous for the body and the also in the overall aspect. If the brain does not work the body won’t be that much responsive as well. And that is what happens in any of the neurological problem where the body become very much inert as well as very much unresponsive as well. Although different disease have different approach to carry out the disease however the disease are very much difficult to solve also. The medicines are very much involved with a lot of side effects as well.

Common problems that are seen

Most if the common neurological problem that are reported are the Alzheimer’s disease and the Parkinson’s disease. In the former one the problem appears like that particular person becomes very much forgetful and also behaves inconsistently also. For the latter one the, as the nerve ending of the body becomes damaged they does not transmit the impulse in a proper way causing shaky type of sensation in the body.


Medicines for both of these diseases are well available, however they are not at all useful in compete sense as these problem are not cured totally.

Relief because of the doctors

Although the doctors in the neurosurgery hospitals in India are treating in such a way that they will surely reduce the effect of the disease to give some sort of relief.