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Blood cancer during the course of pregnancy

Imagine you are pregnant and become a victim of blood cancer? This pretty much answers the question of what is leukorrhea pregnancy as a different challenge is presented both to the mother along with the baby. The health care provider has to treat you for pregnancy and at the same time deal with the complex issue of cancer.

What is luekorrhea during pregnancy? The fact is that it can have a considerable amount of impact on the wellbeing of your health. There would be a sense of shock along with uncertainty at the same time. Not only on the physical side of things, would your emotional quotient be disturbed when you are suffering from blood cancer during the course of pregnancy. You feel a challenge of different type as the ability to cope up with day to activities is widely challenged.

The mere fact that pregnancy could itself be a cause of worry and stress. A lot of normal along with changes at this point of time during pregnancy. But all these emotions that you experience are part of the process as well.  To ensure the ability to cope there are numerous strategies that you could go on to adopt. Some amount of light exercise in the form of walking, a balanced diet and interacting with other pregnant women would be of a lot of help at the same time. Just keep in mind that you should work on the strategies that suits you the best.

If a degree of hopelessness is felt, then you should discuss with your doctor. The health professionals are the best person at this point of time who will guide you on how to overcome this situation. Just be aware of the fact that in case if you are not able to cope up you are not alone at this point of time. In this regard you can avail the services of a counsellor. They can guide you on what course of strategies would work best for your needs. For your own self along with that of the baby you would need to speak to a counsellor. It is all about having the right support that you need at this point of time.

In the starting phase of pregnancy or the first trimester of pregnancy the organs of the baby are developing. So the medical team would adopt a strategy of cautions as far as treatment of chemotherapy is concerned. On the other side of the coin small doses of radiotherapy would also be a safe option. Do discuss the pros along with cons with your medical team and then take a decision based on the information that is present in front of you.  If it is the first trimester of pregnancy terminating would also be an option. This would depend on the information that is available with you. When it reaches out to the other trimesters of pregnancy you can delay the treatment till the baby is born.