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Best professional medicine to cure dandruff

Presenting Yourself

Every individual in this world has the desire to look beautiful and charming. Being presentable is very much necessary also in few sectors of our society and with the increase in the societal value and also due to the increased intermixing of peoples of the different profession’s being presentable has become very much important for all of us. And it is also a good thing because good and healthy outlook can give a lot of confidence in each and every people. For that people nowadays has become very much conscious about their physique as well their diet. A healthy diet can keep the body, mainly the inner body fit and beautiful. Thus there will be less production of toxin within the body which will keep the blood clean and therefore the skin will also will be healthy and glowy from outside. Skin infection are very much common in almost every individual. Proper fooding habit can prevent these problems to some extent but however medicines are also needed to cure some problems. Acne, Dermatitis, rashes, dandruff, redness these are very much common skin related infection that occurs frequently. Skin is also the site for deadly problems like skin cancer and melanoma.

best professional dandruff shampoo


Dandruff is essentially a skin problem which is very much common. It is the condition that effects the scalp where the flake type of substances appears on the skin. This is often accompanied with an itching sensation normal to severe. However the exact cause of this problem is not at all known completely. However this problem may or may not be related to poorly maintained hygiene. And it is more prominently visible if a person suffering with this problem does not wash hair more often. However there are numerous factors that can increase the risk factor of the dandruff problem. The problem of dandruff is very much hard to be treated and if also cured it will take a long amount of time to get away from the scalp. But medications are well available for this problem too. Ketoconazole is the best composition of medicine that can be used to treat this problem of dandruff. With this composition one of the most marketed medicine based shampoo is the ketomac shampoo. There are also different sort of home remedies present to remove this problem, like proper management of stress can reduce this problem and also regular wash will repel the aggregation of dandruffs in the scalp.

Symptoms of Dandruff

Dandruff has no such symptom to be aware off. However some has symptoms like rashes and itchy sensation that occurs on the scalp, ear, mid-back, chest especially in the mid region of the chest, face etc. Mostly die to fungal problem or infection the problem of dandruff appears. Sometimes eyebrows are also affected and also on the forehead red rashes appears with an itchy sensation and also causes the skin to dry.

Mode of Treatment

Doctors usually examine the scalp properly before prescribing any of the medicines. Sometimes scalp biopsy is also performed to be checked under microscope with the help of local anesthesia.


Ketoconazole composition shampoo is one of the best professional dandruff shampoo that can be used by any person affected by it.