A Classic And Proper Baby Carrier Help The Parents To Transport Them Anywhere

People can find various types of baby carriers in the market. So, people can confuse to choose the right one. There are some ways to choose it. Safety is always the most priority in our life. For the baby’s safety, people should choose the carrier that is made of 100% polyester, 100% cotton or mixture of mesh and lycra. Some baby carriers provide only two positions, some provide five positions including back, font, facing in and out, cadle and hip. People should check the weight limit of the carrier. The best baby carrier people found in the market is BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original.


This carriers are available in different colours. These are made of mesh and cotton materials which can protect the babies from skin irritation. It is made in that way that supports the baby’s small neck, spine and head. This price is in the range of our budget. It is the best carrier which can move our baby to outward sods and inward side i.e. towards our chest. It is very flexible. The model no. of this product is 023056US. The minimum of the product is 3.63 kg. The maximum weight of the product is 11.3 kg. This product is manufactured by Babybjorn. The dimension of this package is 29.5×26.2×8.6 cm.

best baby carrier


This product come first in the market on 24th June 2013. The features are really best. It can proof by seeing the customer reviews i.e. 5.0 out of 5 stars. The features are:

  • It’s quality and durability are mind blowing.
  • It has maximum flexibility.
  • It has pretty seats which can give more comfort than other carriers.
  • It can support the baby’s spine, neck and head appropriately.
  • The legs and arms of the babies can move freely in the carrier.
  • This carrier is made of safe and tested material that’s why it protects the baby’s skin.
  • With the help of this carrier physical closeness, eye contact is created between parents and their babies.


There are several drawbacks. The 1st one is people cannot carry this carrier on back side. This baby carrier does not provide any pockets where we can keep any necessary things while travelling. So, while travelling people must carry a bag to keep their necessary things. It is a small problem. If we avoid this drawbacks, it is the best carrier for new-born babies.


This products are really easy to carry anywhere and it’s durability is mind blowing. It last for many years. People can use this product frequently avoiding all the drawbacks. This baby carrier can also called a classic baby carrier.