Eye Care

5 advantages of daily disposable contact lenses

Since the invention of contact lenses, there have been many changes that have been made in terms of material, designs, prices, and lens replacement schedules. Today, disposable ‘everything’ has become a trend. So, as an alternative to hard and RGP contact lenses, daily disposable contact lenses have become the go-to these days. In today’s busy world, nobody wants to take the time to maintain contact lenses on a regular basis. Disposable contacts come in various varieties according to your needs. Circle lenses are a type of disposable lens which are of the highest quality and are supplied around stores worldwide. They cater to any kind of look you prefer and are highly comfortable to wear. Patients are looking for easier and more convenient ways to wear contact lenses and the doctors are looking for healthier options. With daily disposable contact lenses, people are experiencing clear vision every day, without worrying about having to clean or maintain them on a daily basis. Sticking to the replacement schedule of 2 weeks or 2 months is something that people are unable to handle because of today’s workload.

More and more people have been switching to the new disposable contact lenses for the following reasons

  • Healthier choice- Disposable contact lenses are not only convenient but also good for your eye health. If you replace your contact lens daily, there is less risk of day-to-day deposit accumulation that may irritate your eyes. Hence, there is minimal chance that your eyes are introduced to harmful bacteria or viruses. Circle lenses are made out of a material called silicone hydrogel which is more breathable than other contact lenses and therefore, healthier.
  • Better Comfort- These lenses are proven to be more comfortable than extended wear contacts. By replacing your lenses every day, the person who is wearing the lens gets to experience the benefits of wearing a fresh pair daily. These lenses are usually manufactured thinner than their counterparts because it does not have to be thick to withstand wear and tear and are hence more comfortable. The innovative lens hydration and coatings in these contacts, it contributes to the overall comfort
  • More convenient- Cleaning and caring for regular contact lenses can be a royal pain. Doctors are finding that a good portion of their patients’ contact lenses is of a subpar standard. The main advantage of using these disposables is that the cleaning aspect of the lenses is removed from the equation completely. It is ideal for all kinds of people and not having to clean it all the time makes it convenient and efficient to use
  • Better Performance- Due to the frequency of the replacement, it is useful for patients in certain environments and activities like camping and swimming as these environments are incongruent with what is required to usually maintain contact lenses.
  • Frequent improvement- The advantages of daily disposable contact lenses are being recognized more and more and are increasing in popularity. The lens manufacturers are therefore investing more time and money in making it better for the patients. They are being amended to correct many vision problems such as astigmatism and presbyopia.