Health tips

Some Good Health Tips For Happy Living

Life is too short and suspicious. Every minute there is a surprise waiting in front of the door steps. Hope to have all healthy and happy surprises in life. If this hope has to come true then one has to make healthy efforts. Lazy and inactive life may lead to multiple health issues. Ignorance about healthy diet may also lead to dangerous diseases. Healthy tips for healthy living are not just for the purpose of reading. The summary should be considered for healthy and cheerful life.

Health Tips

The day starts with few important tasks but, early morning workout should dominate the importance of performing other tasks. Auspicious morning is meant for healthy tit bit like having one glass of warm water, breaking the long fast with healthy nuts and sprouts and then stretching the stiff body for exercise or workout. It should be followed by a beautiful tea time with the entire family. Not to forget about the importance of health again and to match the importance the regular tea should be replaced by healthy green tea with honey and lemon. Continuing in the same phase now the time is for warm shower.

Meditation after bath is a good idea otherwise it can be shifted to evening. Next schedule is to have a fruit bowl or fruit chat because fruits should be always consumed in empty stomach. Heavy breakfast with less cheese and oil is suitable for keeping the body active for entire day. One should drink minimum of four liters of water every day.

Schedule of water intake should get tapered from morning to evening. After 7.00 pm water intake should not be scheduled unless the person feels thirst for it. Dinner should be finished before three hours of bed time. No high work out should be carried out immediately after having the food. Above all these things one should know stress management for protecting heart from threats. This is a simple schedule for good health. No complicated or unpractical health tips are addend in it.

Why Health Is Wealth

Wealth can be of many types but, the greatest wealth is health. This is actually a proverb formed by people of ancient days. Truth of the proverb is hundred percent. Good health is not only wealth but, it is also boon and grace. People should value their health and follow general tips for having long and healthy life. It gets all prosperity and true happiness.