People in America expect to live longer than before and the study states that once you cross 65 years, a bonus of 19.3 years is sure. What are we Indians upto?? If old people sacrifice on certain major things and start living a scheduled life like the following then higher is the possibility of having a healthy lifestyle.

  • Diet control- should limit foods like acid, oil contents
  • Quitting smoking and drinking
  • Proper sleep
  • Maintain weight
  • Relaxed mind
  • Proper physical activity


Major issues visible or common among senior citizens are:

  • Arthritis – this is a general state expected in almost half of the senior citizens that makes the body painful and weak. Under proper supervision consistent physical activity is to be followed to improve the condition.
  • Heart issues – due to high blood pressure and high cholesterol that persists among senior people the chances of malfunctioning of heart that is having a stroke is high. Proper diet and exercise can bring down the levels of cholesterol and pressure.

  • Diabetes – this is one condition that can be prevented at early stages. This is easy to be diagnosed and occurs generally among most of the people above 65 years. Though it is not prevented in all cases there is a chance to maintain the sugar levels and lead a normal life.
  • Obesity and depression –due to various health factors or by nature a person can be obese. But in either way it is at high risk. The body mass index (BMI) is a criterion that should always be maintained for proper health. Depression at any stage of life can affect the health and in the case of senior people it can be adverse. Keeping them calm and peaceful is a major task.
  • Risk of falling – on aging physical strength is gradually reduced and the risk of slipping down is high. In this case further problems will be created due to chronic injuries. It is most important to have old people at safe location.

Following such preventions can end up with a healthy lifestyle at the older age. This reduces the need to be dependent on others because dependency is one of the worst feelings at the old age.