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Hypertension: Know some deadly effects

One of the dangerous and common health conditions faced by people across the globe is high blood pressure also known as hypertension. This is considered to be life threatening because it may lead to several other serious, fatal health conditions. Hypertension is caused due to several reasons. The major deciding factors tend to include the following:

  • Lacking exercise
  • Poor diet
  • Drug use
  • Smoking
  • Medication and pill side effects
  • Lacking in nutrients

It will be useful to visit the physician to avail appropriate blood pressure medication during pregnancy.

Some common complications related to high blood pressure

  • Stroke: This ailment is caused any brain part gets deprived of oxygen and essential nutrients, thus leading to death of the pre-existing healthy brain cells. Strokes may be caused due to hypertension, since the brain blood vessels are weakened. It results in weakening, narrowing, and rupturing completely. Strokes may also be caused due to hypertension, thus leading to forming of blood clots within the arteries, which means, sufficient nutrients or oxygen is not availed by the brain.
  • Atherosclerosis: It is also called artery disease and is termed to be a common side effect caused by hypertension. it results in damaging of the artery lining and walls, thus causing them to harden. blood pressure increase will wear away the artery lining, thus making them more vulnerable and weaker. It may cause the arteries to become hardened, thereby, causing blocked blood flow to other crucial body organs.
  • Eye disease: Eyes also can be affected commonly due to hypertension, because of the tiny blood vessels present within the eyes getting damaged. It might lead to retinopathy, a condition causing bleeding in eye, blurred vision or complete vision loss. eye nerves may also get damaged because of hypertension, specially the optic nerve.

  • Heart disease: It is also known as cardiovascular disease is considered to be hypertension’s another side effect. It is the heart that is responsible to pump blood throughout the body. Several irregularities may be caused due to high blood pressure. Hypertension may also result in blood not getting transported to the heart, thus leading to chest pains, irregular heartbeats and even heart attack. The other side effect noticed of hypertension is the heart’s left side enlarging, with the heart’s left ventricle getting stiff and thickened. It affects the ability of the heart to pump blood and cause it to enlarge.
  • Kidney disease: Kidneys tend to filter the blood, thereby filtering out all impurities and keep it healthy. But with hypertension, blood flows quite faster through kidneys and in larger volumes. It will force them to function much harder, resulting them to wear down. With time, full kidney failure may take place, resulting in complete shutdown.
  • Damaged bones: There is faced increase in calcium due to hypertension that excretes through the urine from the body. Calcium is required in substantial amounts for maintaining proper density and health. Therefore, more excretion of calcium, the lesser the bones have it. This will only weaken the bones, resulting in osteoporosis.

Medicine hiv in pregnancy can help provide effective treatment for this dangerous disease and ensure safe delivery of the baby and both their well being.