Yoga is an ancient practice and the best way to have good health and prefect fitness. It brings the body and mind together that sculpts three major things, one is exercise that keeps proper muscle functioning, proper breathing and meditations that helps in controlling our mind in a stable manner. Firstly one should consult doctor before indulging in any kind of fitness activities so as to know if we have a stable body condition especially when you are under medication. In this case let us find what a Pilates is. Pilates is a way introduced to help injured athletes and dancers which requires complete focus on the exercise we do. Interesting fact is that there is no sweating or strain because the muscles are just intensified and are not exhausted. Pilates provide:

  • Improved flexibility of the body
  • Back and limb muscles get proper functioning
  • Strengthens and tones the muscles in hips, buttocks.
  • Enhances the concentration
  • Proper blood circulation
  • Reforms the injured muscles


Pilates are inspired from yoga. Yoga is a spiritual way of health care that helps in maintaining the body fitness and manage stress. The outcome is expected only when yoga is done in a persistent manner. It helps in encouraging dedication, concentration, intelligence. There are many types of postures like lying, sitting, standing, inverted postures. The major benefits from long term partitioning of yoga are:

  • Proper functioning of the digestive system.
  • Easiness at joints that is Musculoskeletal
  • Nervous system gets proper blood circulation and reduces tension
  • Good for heart pumping and its arteries.

Yoga can differ at all stages of age according the body flexibility. Any asana done should not cause pain and the physical limits of one should be maintained. People above forty years with no yoga experience should consult with their medical scenario. Make yoga mandatory every morning as it provides a fresh feeling both mentally and physically. This is the best way to start a day and attain a peaceful and relaxed mind throughout the day. This gradually will improvise the overall wellness of the body and will give less chance to visit a doctor in future.