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Five Benefits of Mobile Physiotherapy Services

Sometimes accidents or medical conditions can make it harder for people to travel due to mobility issues, so it can be difficult for them to get to their rehabilitation appointments. Fortunately, there are rehabilitation clinics that offer home appointments to help patients get well. Here are five benefits of home or mobile physiotherapy appointments.

Safer Visits

By going to patients instead of having them go to the physiotherapist, patients are safer because they don’t need to attempt to move in a wheelchair or on crutches to make an appointment. Someone who is elderly, in extreme pain, or has limited mobility could end up making their injuries worse by going to their appointments. Visiting the patient means they don’t need to leave their home to get the treatments they need.

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Assess the Environment

It can be difficult to determine what is causing the patient’s back pain without assessing their home environment. A physiotherapist can evaluate the patient’s bed, look over their computer chair, and suggest adaptations to the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms in their house that can help improve mobility issues.

Saves Money

The patient can save money with mobile physio in Perth. If they have children, they don’t need to hire a babysitter or have a spouse cut their workday short to watch them while they go to an appointment. Patients can also save money on fuel, wear and tear on their car, and can get tips from the physiotherapist about adapting their living environment, if necessary.

Access to Care

Some people who have been injured in an accident or have conditions limiting their mobility may not be able to go to a clinic for appointments. Instead of having their health deteriorate due to lack of care, having a physiotherapist visit them provides access to the care they need. By visiting patients, they get equal access to the necessary care without leaving their homes.

Reduced Costs

Mobile physiotherapy not only benefits the patients but the practitioner as well. Someone who does mobile physio can reduce their overhead costs because they don’t need to maintain a physical location and all the costs associated with it. However, for clinics who offer mobile physio services, they can expand their client base and help more people who need rehabilitation services, but may not have access to them otherwise.

Having physiotherapy in your home allows the practitioner to assess your house and provide suggestions for adapting it to your needs. For instance, if you’re in a wheelchair or crutches, they can show you how to get in and out of bed, the bathtub, or your house safely. Home visits also make it easier to get the necessary treatments.