Body Polishes: What Are They?

Of the many various treatments you could get at a spa, you would notice that they are all targeted at specific areas of the body. A massage is seen to relieve stress and tension. A facial is aimed to restore your face into its natural glow. A scrub has the goal of cleaning your body from all external impurities. All of them are relaxing and soothing treatments to help you restore yourself into the vibrant person that you are. You can easily avail them in a 24 hour spa in Singapore.Another interesting treatment you can see in a spa is the application of Body Polishes. This is kind of a mix of many different treatments offered at a spa. A Body Polish is aimed to improve your skin and put back the good health it was in before all the external harm such as sun damage and free radical came into play. A good way to analyze it is that it is similar to a facial, but for your body.

After a good session of body polishing, the customer is often recommended to take a shower to rinse off all the products applied. Once done, a generous application of lotion follows to ensure that your skin is as hydrated as possible.

Body Polishes and Body Scrubs

These two terms are often interchangeable as they mean the same thing. Both of them utilizes exfoliation techniques to prepare the skin for the treatment. The exfoliation procedure is just another added step to maximize the effects of the body polish. Dead skin cells that separate the body polish and your new skin will just make the process inefficient. Your skin is ensured to absorb all the needed nutrients from the products if a good healthy layer of skin is exposed.

Polishes and scrubs also both clean your skin of all debris and the unwanted dirt you have accumulated throughout the days. The dirt is not simply removed by taking a shower alone. These particles are lodged deep into the skin and pores making it difficult to remove. By the use of a body scrub or polish, however, these can be removed quickly.

It is often up to the spa who is in charge of writing down their menus if they want to term the procedure a Polish or a Scrub but essentially, they involve the same principles and procedures. Some even visit 24 hour spa in Singapore just to avail this service.

Ingredients Used for Body Polishes

For exfoliative purposes, a lot of ingredients can be chosen from by the customer. Some of these may include sugar scrubs or salt scrubs. To prepare the customer for the body polish itself, a generous amount of salt is rubbed into the skin to manually remove the dead layer of cells sitting on top of the skin. Sugar is also recommended as it is less coarse and is gentler to the skin.

Choosing from these two depends on the type of skin the customer has. Ultimately, the specialist needs to assess the skin before the procedure starts. If the skin is more worn out and has not received any treatment for months, the customer is recommended to have the salt scrub or even a chemical peel to ensure that every bit of dead skin is removed.

On the other hand, if the patient has received a body scrub weeks ago or is not really exposed to harmful factors such as sun rays, the option of having a soft sugar scrub can be taken into consideration.

Coffee grounds can also be used in this specific treatment. As we all know, coffee is rich in antioxidants which means that harmful toxins can be safely drawn out of the body, hence the detoxification process. Coffee grounds used as exfoliants are great for treatments aimed to solve problems regarding cellulite as the properties of coffee is very efficient for these cases.

All these ingredients can be mixed together depending on the customer’s preferences. Some of them are also recommended to be infused with aromatics and oil to make the body polishing process more soothing and relaxing. In Asian spas, one famous ingredient included in their body polishes is rice bran. This is a very good ingredient as well because it utilizes organic sources and has lower possibilities of harming or irritating the skin.

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