Health is one of the most prime concerns that any individual pertains. Though we know that‘health is wealth’, most of us do not take the responsibility to actually take care of it in the best possible way. The constitution of India is responsible to maximize the nutrition level and standard of living of the citizens and subsequently increase its health economy.  India is the country with highest rateof diabetic patients, and this could become a major concern in the health sector. The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) was launched in India in the year 2005 with an aim to render the best health care facilities to the rural people that focussed on 18 states with poor health amenities.  But according to the survey, India spends only 4.2% of its GDP on health mission, whereas 18% is been spent by the US government.


The gap between the rural and urban health systems is a major crisis and is still worsening the situation. The private hospitals have taken over the government hospitals in India. Though government provides free health care like free diagnosis, subsidised medicines for the people below poverty line, private hospitals are the major health centres functioning actively. These health centres extract enormous amount from the patients that people had to spend more than they could. Most of them are unaware about the insurance policies available and so make their life tougher after a visit to the private health centre.Malnutrition is a state at which one lacks or struggles for the basic needs of survival. This is the great concern for children as 60% of the children less than three years of age were reported to be malnourished in the year 2005.  The major reason for choosing private to public health centre is the low quality of care, response in the public sectors. This is due to the reluctance by the experienced health care providers to work for a rural health centre. The booming technological developments need to take a look at those people below the poverty line and should make efforts to bring a change about in their lives.

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